Maximum-Uniformity Curtain™ Nozzles for Impact Sprinklers

Maximizing Sprinkler Irrigation Efficiency

Our Patented Orifice: Impact rotary sprinklers have traditionally relied on high water pressure alone to achieve an acceptable level of water uniformity. The FCI Curtain™ nozzle uses our time proven stainless steel orifice plate to precisely strip just the right amount of water from the outside of the stream creating a "curtain" of water effect.

This curtain of water optimizes the sprinkler profile at both low and high pressures, falling to the ground in a much more uniform and controlled pattern than is possible with standard straight bore nozzles.

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Our Exclusive Vane: 

Brass impact sprinklers are incredibly reliable, but have always been plagued with imperfect water passageways, resulting in a turbulent flow of water. Turbulence varies from sprinkler to sprinkler causing uneven sprinkler performance and bad uniformity.

The truth is, maximum uniformity can only be achieved when sprinkler turbulence is eliminated. To remove turbulence, each FCI nozzle is fitted with our exclusive straightening vane. The turbulent free flow is then mechanically altered by the FCI orifice plate, delivering the highest possible uniformity.

What are the advantages of retrofitting my sprinklers with the FCI Nozzle?

  • Maximum possible water uniformity on existing spacings at both low and high pressures
  • Higher yields
    Stainless steel orifice will outlast brass or plastic nozzles
  • Larger orifice opening than straight bore nozzles means less plugging
  • Improved crop cooling in desert regions
  • Clog resistant straightening vane



“David-Good afternoon and I hope you are getting a little relief as we are from the relentless heat!  We have been doing our thing in the fresh mkt here since 1980 and this little session we appear to now have behind us, was one for the records.  When combined with a relatively limited water supply on the various fields we control, the soil temps really took it’s toll on the small seeded crops we grow on a continuous rotation. Holding the irrigation in place long enough was nearly impossible at times, as well as the danger of herbicide burndowns from improper placement via the irrigation being too short duration much of the time. Anyhow to summarize things we had: too much heat for too many hours each day; short water sets, herbicide toxicity[unexpected],and poor irrigation coverage!  So that is where your new nozzles really made believers out of us.  The even, curtain-like spread we are now getting has really changed the score in our favor. We use 80” beds with every 7th bed a sprinkler bed- which works out to about 40’ spread, and we use either 30’ or 40’ pipe.  In windy conditions we place the sprinkler lines 5 beds apart , which really is the direction we’re heading as often the cost of land is minor compared to crappy stands of spinach, cilantro, radishes, parsley, onions !  So in conclusion, your nozzles are really impressive when run alongside the regular high pressure 1/8” nozzles we’ve been using. No more scalloped-edges to wetted areas, more even emergence-that’s the name of the game to us.  Thanks again to you for the push in the right direction- we will continue the changeover to our equipment.”

After testing the FCI nozzles in the field and independently at the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT), Camp concluded that the FCI nozzles will deliver the expected performance and ordered 80,000 nozzles to retrofit a good portion of his Weather Tec 10-20 sprinklers used to irrigate vegetables. FCI low pressure nozzles are rebated by PG&E up to $1.15 per nozzle which guarantees a very fast payback on investment to qualified growers.

“We’re running almost all of these at a psi of 35. All are working well and we received a full rebate from PG&E. Very good results. You have a good product. Thanks for the help.” 

Mike Iverson - Aurora Farms (Aurora, Oregon)