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Compare Standard High Pressure Nozzles with Our FCI Low Pressure Nozzles:

FCI Nozzles = Quality & Precision: Factory plastic nozzle performance can vary with each production run due to shrinkage and warping of orifices, varying plastic mixtures, as well as molding temperatures and cooling rates. FCI Nozzles are made with high grade brass (nozzle bodies) and stainless steel orifices avoiding these problems.

Our nozzle bodies are machined from brass to closely monitored tolerances. Orifice plates are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel. Stream straightening veins and flow control devices (when required) are injection molded and the only plastic found in our product. Nozzles are individually assembled by hand to assure proper alignment of all components. Great care is taken in every step of the design and manufacturing processes to assure consistent performance.

Performance of FCI Nozzles vs. Factory Nozzles: A typical straight bore plastic nozzle delivers water to the first half of the coverage pattern with the spreader nozzle and to the second half of the pattern with the range nozzle. With FCI’s unique orifice plate design, a small amount of water is stripped from the range nozzle stream and mechanically atomized. This water is precisely placed across the entire coverage area.

This design does not overburden the spreader nozzle coverage and eliminates areas lacking coverage near the head or the center of the pattern when properly overlapped. Additionally the mechanical atomization process provided by the stainless steel orifice design improves distribution when operating at lower than optimum pressures.

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