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Many people have asked me over the years how I became a designer and manufacturer of low pressure sprinkler nozzles. I was born in Glendora, CA where my father, Richard Malcolm, was a design engineer for Rain Bird. When I was 11, he started a sprinkler manufacturing business that he named Weather Tec.

I grew up around the men that developed the modern sprinkler and was witness not only to the science, but to the art that went into their designs. Much of that art has been lost over the years. My nozzle designs are restoring some of that lost art to modern sprinklers. FCI Low Pressure Nozzles will compliment your existing sprinklers and bring out their fullest potential, resulting in Full Coverage Irrigation (FCI).

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David Malcolm, Founder of Full Coverage Irrigation and High Sierra Showerheads

About Richard Malcolm:

Richard Malcolm was the inspirational force of Full Coverage Irrigation, Inc. His experience in the irrigation industry exceeds 30 years. Some of his major accomplishments:

  • Designed and manufactured more than 30 sprinklers in just three years for Buckner as their Chief Engineer.
  • Launched Weather Tec Corporation in 1970 for the purpose of providing San Joaquin Valley farmers with improved sprinklers.
  • Over the course of Richard's career, he designed 19 agricultural sprinkler products for Rain Bird®, as well as, Buckner®, Toro®, LR Nelson®, Weather Tec®, Skinner®, and General Sprinkler of South America.

Richard became an expert on creating products to overcome weaknesses in irrigation systems, i.e. wind and low pressure. He concluded that a one-piece nozzle was frequently the limiting factor and developed a variety of devices to improve water distribution. Richard also played a large role in convincing Pacific Gas & Electric to offer rebates to farmers for conserving water and energy. Richard's son, David Malcolm founded Full Coverage Irrigation, Inc. with the knowledge and information that was necessary to produce hundreds of tiny, customized nozzles.