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Here's how we make low pressure better than high pressure...

Our Patented Orifice: Impact rotary sprinklers have traditionally relied on high pressure—and a little bit of luck—to break up the stream of water to achieve an acceptable level of water uniformity. The FCI LP Nozzle uses our time-proven stainless steel orifice plate to precisely strip just the right amount of water from the circumference of the stream, creating a "curtain" of water" effect.

This curtain of uniform droplets optimizes the sprinkler profile and falls to the ground in a much more uniform and controlled pattern than is possible with standard high pressure nozzles.

Our Exclusive Vane: Brass impact sprinklers are incredibly reliable, but have always been plagued with imperfect water passageways through the sand cast heads. This results in varying degrees of turbulance. Turbulence causes uneven sprinkler performance and uneven uniformity.

In the the past, straightening vanes were used to correct this, but increased plugging made them impractical. The truth is, maximum uniformity can only be achieved when sprinkler turbulence is eliminated.

Each FCI LP Nozzle is fitted with our exclusive vane—designed to eliminate turbulence, but different from yesterday's vanes: They won't clog!

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What are the advantages of retrofitting my sprinklers with the new FCI LP Nozzle?

  • 20%-plus reduction in the cost of pumping water
  • Maximum possible water uniformity on existing spacings
  • Better water uniformity even during breezy conditions
  • Higher yields
  • Increased irrigation set size is often times possible
  • Fewer line breaks and less maintenance


  • Retrofits Rain Bird, Weather Tec, and other 1/2" base sprinklers
  • Stainless steel orifice will outwear brass or plastic nozzles
  • Larger orifice opening than straight bore nozzles means less plugging
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • Fast Payback  on investment from water and energy savings
  • 7/16" nozzle hex size
  • Clog-resistant straightening vane
  • Great rebates are often available from utility companies  and irrigation districts
Testimonial from a Large Central California Grower: In 2011, DM Camp & Sons, a large vegetable, nut and grape grower in the southern San Joaquin Valley became interested in retrofitting their impact sprinklers with the newest generation of FCI low pressure sprinkler nozzles. Company president Edwin Camp not only wanted the new nozzles to maximize the water uniformity of his sprinkler system to save water and increase yields, but also to lower his pumping costs by operating the sprinklers at reduced pressure.

After testing the FCI nozzles in the field and independently at the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT), Camp concluded that the FCI nozzles will deliver the expected performance and ordered 80,000 nozzles to retrofit a good portion of his Weather Tec 10-20 sprinklers used to irrigate vegetables. FCI low pressure nozzles are rebated by PG&E up to $1.15 per nozzle which guarantees a very fast payback on investment to qualified growers.

“We’re running almost all of these at a psi of 35. All are working well and we received a full rebate from PG&E. Very good results. You have a good product. Thanks for the help.” Edwin Camp.
Your Utility Company or Irrigation District May Be Offering Lucrative Rebates on Low Pressure Sprinkler Nozzles: Depending on the aridity of your region and your type of crop, 80% of your energy costs may be associated with pumping. Not only can you reduce that cost significantly with our nozzles, but you may be eligible for a significant rebate on each nozzle you purchase from us. For example, California's PG&E will rebate up to $1.15 per nozzle in 2012 (subject to change, per their website We Have Been Maximizing the Efficiency of Agricultural Sprinkler Systems Since 1987:  This is the same patented nozzle, but now it's perfected. Contact us today for one of our sample packs.